Get Your Future Paychecks And Raises – Just Released

Millions of people are struggling with their financial future in today’s investors market. Many are still burned and discouraged from the great recession. And dwindling wages and near zero interest rates pose a daunting threat to their investing future.

But whether you are a retiree, or someone building their future nest egg, investing in dividend stocks is the near perfect, easy to execute approach. It represents a time tested, low risk approach to much higher returns.

John Roberts, former financial consultant and stockbroker, explains how you can use these special stocks to begin creating your future paychecks and raises, starting today.  It’s all laid out for you in his Read the rest of this entry »

How To Turn Around Your Stock Investing Results


Do you seem to be losing too much money in your stock account?  When the market drops here and there does your account seem to drop too much and too often.

Well, there are ways to protect against this, or at least minimize the losses.  And that’s important to do.

Because the legendary investor Warren Buffett has two great rules for investing.  They are … Read the rest of this entry »

Let Your Profits Run And Stop Your Losses

One of the biggest mistakes stock investors make is they let small losses turn into big losses.  But you can protect yourself from this using a simple method.  There is a way keep to keep your money and “stop” your losses.  This method is actually called using “stop losses,” and you’ll want to use it.

So how do we do this?  After all, we know that sometimes Read the rest of this entry »

The Stock Market Has A Great Return Over 100 Years

Owning stocks in the stock market has returned more to investors than most other investments.  On average, the stock market has grown 8% year by year.

But what does that mean to you?

Well, it means that if you invested Read the rest of this entry »

Stocks Are Easiest Way To Be A Business Owner

So let’s say that again.  Owning stocks is the easiest way to become a business owner.

When you buy a stock, you become a business owner.  Really.

So what does that mean?  Well, as a business owner, instead of working for someone else, to increase their wealth, other people are working for you… to increase your wealth.

And these people, employees, go to work every day, voluntarily, to increase your wealth.  Just like Read the rest of this entry »

Why Companies Will Send You Dividend Checks

One of the great things about owning dividend stocks is the company will send you a check every 30 to 90 days.

So when you buy their stock you see results quickly.  They send you a check.

So why would these companies do this?  Why will they send you money?

Well, let’s say that you own shares of Hershey stock, for example.  And for the next three months, Hershey keeps making Read the rest of this entry »

Make Sure Your Dividend Stocks Have Good Covfefe!

Okay, so President Trump made a new word in a recent tweet.  He ended the tweet with the word “covfefe.”

Some are suggesting this was a typo and he meant to say “coverage.”  Others say he meant to create this new word and a limited number of people know exactly what he meant.

Controversy abounds.

But assuming he meant Read the rest of this entry »

Know When To Sell With Dividend Stocks

One of the most important ways we minimize our investment risk occurs when our stock price is going down.  Because at some point, if the stock keeps going down, we will want to “stop” our losses.  This activity is actually called using “stop losses,” so that’s a new term for you here.

In order to set a stop loss, we actually decide up front, when we buy a stock, how much we are Read the rest of this entry »

Why The Markets Crashed – Outrageously Funny

For those who appreciate British humor like I do, this is a must see short video by British comedians John Bird and John Fortune.  They attempt to explain why the market crashed back in 2008.  Interestingly, they did this routine just before Read the rest of this entry »

Buy Stocks Like Tom Sawyer Whitewashing The Fence

You can buy stocks at a discount like Tom Sawyer had his friends whitewash his fence

In our last post on buying stocks at a discount, we talked about the method of setting a trap, like a mousetrap, for when the price of a stock came down to our discounted price. We used a buying technique called a limit order. And the best part of this method was that it was free.

It’s hard to beat free.

But in this post we are going to do just that.

The method we are going to describe always reminds me of the scene in Tom Sawyer where his Aunt Polly tells him he has to whitewash the fence in the front of the house. Tom was rather averse to work like this. So he came up with a rather theatrical strategy to get out of it – and get paid.

Whenever he saw one of his friends approaching, he would put on a big show of Read the rest of this entry »