The best stock trade I’ve done in the past couple of years was a small junior gold mining stock called ATAC Resources Limited — symbol ATADF.

You can go boom or bust in the junior miners.  In this case it was boom — as in sonic boom!  The stock went from .25 a share to $8.00 a share in about 19 weeks.  Most of that move occurred in one week.  You may guess — correctly — that they hit a rich gold deposit.

I sold four times my original investment and still own plenty of shares—so I’m playing with house money.

You may hook onto one of these rocket rides yourself someday.  I mention the financial newsletter I got the idea from in the section How Do I Know What Stocks To Buy.

It’s written by a geologist named Matt Badiali, and he’s one of my favorite investment newsletter writers (go figure).  You might want to pay attention to that section.

Here’s the chart of that gold stock rocket ride.

ATAC Junior Gold Mining Stock

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