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Your 401k’s Shortcomings – Why You Should Still Invest

For all of the drawbacks a 401k has as an investment, I still think people should invest in them for two reasons. The first reason is that it’s free money being given to you by the company you work for.  And the free money can be substantial. A typical 401k plan might be something like [...]


Your 401k’s Shortcomings – Fees

Americans now have over $3 trillion in their 401k’s. With that much money involved, you can be sure that’s a rich target for retirement plan providers to charge fees.  And many of these providers are all too happy to do so.  And often they try to hide them, or make them too complicated for investors [...]


Your 401k’s Shortcomings – Limited Choice

“Give them any color they want, as long as it’s black.” Henry Ford One of the major drawbacks to typical 401k’s is the limited choice of investment options. Let’s face it – you are basically given a choice of bond or stock mutual funds, and in the stock mutual funds a choice of value or [...]