EXTRA EXTRA CREDIT: Cash as an Investment

You might have been surprised when I listed cash as an investment.  And my statement that it is a poor investment still holds.

But years ago I actually made money on it.  I was on assignment in London, traveling back and forth every so often to the United States.  So I would buy British pounds before I flew to London.

When I returned, I would take my left over British pound notes to my bank and change them into dollars.  During many trips between London and the states I made money, because when I got back to the states, the British pound had become more valuable against the U. S. dollar.  So I got more dollars than I had paid originally.

There is an entire field of foreign currency exchange that does this as investment.  It’s definitely beyond the scope of this book and I don’t think falls into the category of beginning investor.

It’s just an interesting thought to share.

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