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 How To Buy Stocks At A Discount - The KEY to investment success - Special Report from John Roberts and

How To Buy Stocks At A Discount – The Key To Successful Investing

When it comes to stock investing, what you pay for a stock is critical.  Indeed, you very well may win or lose at this early stage of the game.  Successful investors like the legendary Warren Buffett are quite aware of this fact.  And they use methods to buy their stocks at a discount.

On the other hand, the average investor pays little attention to this key to success.  And so they always seem to buy at the wrong time and overpay.  So this is an important difference to learn from.

Buying stocks at a discount GREATLY lowers your risk and improves your odds for profit.  This is why successful investors pay so much attention to it.

You will learn two ways to buy stocks at a discount.  I routinely use these methods to buy for 5, 10, 20 and even 40% off.

One method is technically easy, but requires patience and discipline.  It’s like setting a trap to spring at the right time.

And the other is more advanced, but, believe it or not, people will actually pay you money to do it — to buy stocks at a discount.  Whenever I get paid to do this, I feel like Tom Sawyer getting his buddy’s to pay him to whitewash the fence.

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 Stock Market For Beginners - The Free Chapter  Stock Market For Beginners – The Free Chapter  Confused about the stock market?  Take control and boost your financial future with this beginners guide to stocks and investing that really is simple and easy to follow.John Roberts, former Financial Consultant and Stockbroker licensed with the New York Stock Exchange spells it out for you in a breakthrough, easy to understand way.  He introduces the subject to you in terms you already understand.

That’s a breakthrough idea and here is a quick example.  You know what an auction is, right?  Well, did you know that the New York Stock Exchange is just a big auction?  And you will buy many of your stocks at this auction.

See there.  You already have a clue about stock exchanges.

Try before you buy.  Get the first chapter for free right here.

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