Other Types Of Investments – Currencies And Other

Currencies.  There is a huge currency market that trades around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where people buy and sell the different country currencies, like the Swiss Franc, U.S. Dollars, British Pound, Mexican Peso, etc.

They are mainly traded on the FOREX market, although some of them are also traded on the commodities market.  This is another one of those “nerves of steel” trades where  fortunes can be made and lost rapidly.

I’ve read it takes ten years of study to actually be able to trade these well.  And outside of my inadvertent currency trades with British Pounds when I was traveling to England for an extended period of time, I’ve not invested in them.

They can be highly influenced by the various countries and actions of their politicians.  That pretty much says it all for me.  We’ll stay away from country currencies.

Other Investments.  Of course there are many other types of investments you can make.  Like real estate, the investment that everyone thought would never go down — that is until around 2008.  And fine art, rare coins, etc.

But enough of understanding the basics.  We’ll stick with stocks and move on to the next section.  It’s time to do something.  It’s time to get started and open a stock market account.

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