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Confused by investing and the stock market?

Live, Learn & Prosper is here to help you.

We’ll teach you how the stock market works.  And how to invest.

All for free.

But we can’t – and won’t – tell you what to invest it.  That’s your business and not ours.

But we will share some tips and tricks of the trade with you.

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In fact the only thing on the site you have to pay for is our book.  Only if you want to of course.

Maybe you’re wondering whether we know what we’re talking about.  I know I would.

All our posts (and the book) are written by John Roberts.

John used to be a Financial Consultant and a Licensed Stock Broker on the New York Stock Exchange.  So you can be sure he knows his onions.

Now you know all about us why not get started right now.

Oh, and don’t forget to contact John if you have any questions about investing.

But remember, please don’t ask him what stocks to buy – he can’t answer that.


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