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A Beautiful Gold Trade

I recently made a hard decision to sell one of my gold stocks.  It was difficult because the stock was up 125% from where I bought it.  And we always want to hang on to winners. But I was dissatisfied because it paid no dividends.  So I made the tough call.  And I sold the [...]


Stocks And Plants That Earn A Living

I made a hard decision today. I sold two gold stocks in my portfolio that I had done well with.  Actually, very well, as I was up 135% on one and 40% on another. And I kind of agonized over it for a bit, although I shouldn’t have.  Selling stocks when you’ve made a good [...]


Your Future Paychecks and Raises

I’ve been amused with a television ad where one neighbor asks another about his financial retirement plans.  As the other neighbor is trimming his hedge, he replies, rather hesitantly, that he’s shooting to save about a gazillion dollars and he plans to just throw money at it and hope he hits it. The gist of [...]