What We’ll Cover And How

So here’s what we’re going to do, and how.

First, we’ll introduce the subject areas to you in terms you already know and understand.  That’s a breakthrough idea.  Let me show you with a quick example.

You know what an auction is, right?  Well, did you know that the New York Stock Exchange – where you will buy many of your stocks — is just a big auction?

See, you already have a clue about stock exchanges.  Because we introduced the idea with something you already understand.  An auction.

Second, we outline a basic, step by step plan on how you get set up, choose your stocks and protect your investment.  And we keep it simple and stick to buying and selling stocks and stock based products.

Nothing else.

Here’s how we’re going to do that.

First we’ll consider why we should invest.  I think you’ll agree there’s no point in doing something unless we understand the purpose.  So I’ll give you my perspectives on why investing is important.  A couple of them may surprise you – like the concepts of “sitting at the other side of the table,” and “money machines.”

Next we cover a few basics – and I mean a few.  There are about ten of them.  Like “what is a share of stock,” and “what is the New York Stock Exchange.”  And most important, that with your first stock purchase you become a business owner.  Congratulations.

Then we’ll ask you to think on what are your goals …. We’ll talk about a few of these but we keep it simple.  Your goals will have to do with creating wealth, or income, or both.

We will discuss some of the types of investments out there.  We’re going to keep that simple too.  They will be primarily stocks and stock-like investments, but we’ll cover a few more – just for your information.

Then it’s time to get started.  Time to take some action.  So we discuss how you need a stock trading account and a discount broker, how to choose a broker, the one I use, what your account will look like and how to set it up.

Now that we’re set up, what stocks do we buy?  Here I share with you how I pick the stocks I invest in.  I’ll give you a hint.  I let someone else do the research for me — even though I was a Financial Consultant, and licensed with the New York Stock Exchange as a broker.  I’ve used these researchers for over ten years.  I tell you who they are and why I use them.

Okay, so we read our research and found a stock with a great story.  Now how do we buy that stock?  You’ll learn how to place your order.

But that’s just technique.

We also outline the smart way to buy.  It has to do with your mindset.  I call it the Warren Buffett mindset.  And with the research you will have at hand, it will be easier to maintain this mindset.

Of course, once we’ve made an investment, we don’t want to lose the money. So I tell you two specific techniques I use to minimize the losses and maximize the gains.  You must do both of these to succeed.  But they are not complicated.

And finally, now that you’re set up and own some stocks, what do you do now?  What do you do, day to day.  We wrap up with that one.   And you’re on your way.

You can take this course at your own pace and start investing with a little money or a lot.  Because we’re going to take this one small step at a time.

Remember, the greatest investors in the world started where you are today.  Even Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest, most successful investors in the world, started where you are right now.

So relax and set your frustrations aside.  Because with your effort and our method – you can do this!

So let’s get started with the most important question?  Why do we want to invest, anyway?  Some of the answers may surprise you.

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