Additional Resources Chapter 8 With Links For Stock Investing For Beginners

If you bought the print book, this page with links is provided for your convenience to easily access the Additional Resources listed in Chapter 8.


At this point, you’ve learned all the basics you need to start investing in stocks.

I’ve given you the exact steps to use to get started.  Essentially, these are the same steps I wound up using many years ago.  I say “essentially,” because my path was not so simple and direct.  And that’s because I didn’t have a book like this to get started.

But it’s the same basic system I would use to get started today.

With that said, we covered a number of resources in this book.  So this section lists them all for you as a handy reference.  And some additional resources as well.

More Stock Ideas at the Live Learn and Prosper Web Site

Learn more valuable information about stock investing at my web site.  Learn more profitable techniques, get sample chapters from upcoming books, and learn about other types of investments.  And much, much more.


Free Newsletter

Get even more valuable stock ideas to build your wealth in our monthly Live Learn And Prosper Newsletter.  You can sign up here for FREE.  And no, this is not a free trial where we try to get you to pay after fourteen days like the other sites.  This is free.  We will not ask for your credit card.


100 Year Historical Charts


A great source for historical trends of the stock market by Macrotrends.  They go back 100 years, and show interesting breakouts, such as by President, by Fed Chairman and by Recession.


List Of Stock Symbols

A handy list of the stock symbols for the top 500 companies in the United States, known as the S&P 500.  S&P stands for Standard & Poor’s, an organization that has been providing financial market information for more than 150 years.


Free Stock Recommendations – Mad Money – Jim Cramer

A web site that publishes Jim Cramer’s stock recommendations from his nightly television show on CNBC called Mad Money.


Free Stock Recommendations – Fast Money – Melissa Lee

A web site that publishes stock recommendations from Melissa Lee’s Fast Money on CNBC.  Alternatively, just Google “Fast Money Final Trade” to see their latest recommendations.


Paid Stock Recommendations – The Oxford Club – For Growth Stocks Recommendations

An excellent, affordable stock investing newsletter.  I have used Oxford Club for years.


Paid Stock Recommendations – The Oxford Club – For Income Stocks Recommendations

An excellent, affordable stock investing newsletter.  I have used Oxford Club for years.


Discount Broker Web Sites

TDAmeritrade –

Scottrade –

E*Trade –

Fidelity Investments –

Charles Schwab –

I’ve used TDAmeritrade for years.


Free Stock Information and Charts

Yahoo Finance is a useful site for stock market news and to research specific stocks.  Just enter the stock symbol at the top of the screen and click the Search Finance button.


Tracking Your Stop Losses

Very useful if you have many different stock positions and want to use sophisticated stop loss tracking.  I use it, but note that it is a paid for subscription service.  However, it’s not necessary for beginners with a few stock positions.  You can probably use your discount brokers free alert system instead.



You’ve gained a lot of valuable information at this point.

To recap, you’ve learned:

  • That most of the top ten percent, the wealthy, are business owners.
  • And owning stocks is one of the easiest ways to become a business owner.
  • So stock investing can increase your wealth – like the top ten percent increase their wealth.
  • Stock investing is easier and cheaper than ever before.
  • And there are newsletters and other sources that can give you winning stock ideas.
  • So you don’t need to do any complicated analysis.
  • You also learned how to open a stock investment account.
  • And how to find and buy your first winning stock.
  • And how to protect your stock investments.
  • So you know everything you need to know to get started.

Now it’s up to you to use this information and start on your path to wealth by investing in stocks.


Don’t waste time and regret thinking you should have done this a long time ago.  Just remind yourself of the old adage that says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago; the second-best time is now.”

There’s no time like the present, so why not get started and immediately apply what you’ve learned.  Don’t just close this book and move on to something else.

Instead, gather your information to open a stock account.  And then call a broker and open your account.  Then, using newsletters or the TV shows we mentioned, make a commitment to find your first great stock to invest in.  Take a few days to decide.  Then go out to your account and buy your first stock.

Now you are on your way.  You’re sitting at the other side of the table, where the wealthy people sit.  That’s the side where other people work hard to increase YOUR wealth.  Just like the top ten percent do.

Because now you are a business owner.  And you have started down the path to a more secure financial future.

I wish you the very best of success on your road to prosperity as a new stock investor!


Would You Like To Know More

Understanding and using the basics of stock investing you just learned puts you way ahead of most investors.  You now have the basic skills to invest in any of the 8000 stocks listed on the exchanges.

But there is an amazing group of those stocks, about 1400 of them, that can grow your wealth AND pay you income too.  This is not some theoretical concept we are talking about here.  I’m talking about real checks coming to you in the mail, every 30 to 90 days.

You could, in fact, get your first check in your mailbox in 30-90 days once you know about these stocks.  And they keep paying you, month after month, quarter after quarter.

We actually touched on this subject in the book when we mentioned dividend paying stocks.  But there is much, much more for you to know about this fascinating class of stocks.

Like how you can think of their dividends as paychecks.  And by investing in them over time, you start building your future paychecks.  Just think about that for a minute.  You can start building your future paychecks for retirement, or supplement your current income.  Starting now.

But it gets better yet, because many of these stocks also increase their payout to you every year.  That’s like getting raises.  And I’m not talking trivial little raises of 1 or 2 percent like you get at work – if you get a raise at all.  Some of these stocks raise their payout by as much as 10 percent.

In my title, Your Future Paychecks And Raises – Get Dividend Checks In Your Mailbox Paid To The Order Of YOU!, I give the exact techniques and blueprint you can use to…

Find these special dividend paying stocks.

Identify which ones are best to maximize your checks and profit.

Compound your wealth…. how to turbocharge them with a powerful reinvestment technique.

And many more tricks and tips to increase your wealth.

You have the skills to do this now.  All you need to do is learn about these special, dividend paying stocks.  So if you want to take your investment success to the next level, and get paid in the process, then this book is for you.

Just click here to learn more about Your Future Paychecks And Raises – Get Dividend Checks In Your Mailbox Paid To The Order Of YOU!

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Make More Money With Special Stock-Like Investments

There are many other types of stock-based and partnership investments you can profit from.  And they are as easy to invest in as stocks.  For example, there are certain special stock-like investments where you must be paid 90% of the profits by law, and the company pays no taxes on the profits.  And many more to boost your investment profits.

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