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Why Invest In Stocks… Because That’s What The Wealthy Do

So why bother investing in stocks?  What’s in it for you?

And the answer is that stock investing can increase your wealth and income over time when done properly.

It does this for you in a number of ways.

For example, much has been made of the fact that there is a widening wealth and income gap in the US.  You hear this in the news all the time.  What they are talking about is the widening gap between the people in the top 10 percent of income earnings, and the bottom 90 percent.  And all the facts bear this out.  There is, indeed, a widening gap.

Top 10 Percent Share of Income ChartSource: Piketty and Saez, UC Berkeley

The income gap is the highest it’s been since the early 1920′s.  And the same can be said for the wealth gap, which has not been so high since 1927.  So wouldn’t it be a good idea to do what the top 10 percent are doing — to tap into that wealth and income too?

So what are the wealthy doing to make this happen?  Well, most of them are Read the rest of this entry »

Why Companies Pay You Dividends

Some of the best stocks to buy are dividend paying stocks.  These stocks will send you a monthly or quarterly check for your portion of their profits in the business.  So you get a nice income stream from them.  And the stocks can go up in value too.  So you get the best of both worlds – investing and speculation.

But why would companies pay you dividends?  Let’s look into that question.

Let’s say that you own shares of Hershey stock.  And for the next three months Read the rest of this entry »

With Dividend Stocks, Boring Is Beautiful

So you’ve zeroed in on a nice dividend paying stock.  And you’ve done your due diligence.  The stock pays a nice dividend.  Better yet, it has a good history of dividend increases.  And you’ve determined they can keep paying the dividend.  Your stock has passed all your tests.

That’s great!  Now just do this one final gut check before you buy it.

And the gut check is simple.  Here it is.  Do you understand what the Read the rest of this entry »

Service Is King At John’s Tire Kingdom

Great auto repair service at Tire Kingdom in Orlando

If you’re looking for great service and auto repair in the Orlando area, look no further than John’s Tire Kingdom.

Good service is hard to find, and when I see it I like to recognize it and pass it on. Read the rest of this entry »

Mind Your Ps And Qs In This Market

We’ve all hear the admonition to mind our P’s and Q’s.

It means to stay on your best behavior, or to stay at the top of your game or to pay attention to the details.

So where did this phrase come from?

There are many theories, but I’ll give you one of my favorites.  And that is from English Pubs in the Read the rest of this entry »