Why invest in stocks? Because that’s what the wealthy do!

Do you keep thinking about investing in the stock market?  And you just haven’t gotten around to it yet?

I mean, you feel you really should look into this.  Because it’s about your financial future.

Hmmm… and that’s pretty important, really.  But it all just seems so complicated, doesn’t it?  And you’re just busy trying to work, and pay the bills and live your life.

Meanwhile, time just keeps passing by.  And that nagging, “gotta invest for my future” thought keeps bouncing around in the back of your mind.

Hey, we’ve all been there.  Every successful investor started from right where you are this moment.  Like the janitor from Vermont, who accumulated a whopping $8,000,000.

Because he took that nagging feeling and did something about it.  And so did other wealthy investors.  That’s why they are wealthy now.  And have a financial future.

So if you’re in that “nagging thought” place right now and want to get rid of it, then let me make a simple suggestion.

Just check out my latest book Stock Investing For Beginners.  I promise you it’s a fast, simple read.  Not complicated.  Really!  One guy read the entire thing while waiting for a flight in Atlanta.

And he learned about that janitor from Vermont who accumulated $8,000,000.  Now I’m not saying you’ll do that well, but it’s a pretty interesting story to start the book with, just to get you going.  You can check out the story and book here.

And you’ll  learn why the wealthy invest in stocks.  And how that builds their wealth, while others not in the stock market are losing ground.  And how you can invest in stocks too.  I mean, after all, if you want to grow your wealth, doesn’t it make sense to do what the wealthy do?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn there are only a few steps to get started

Which is why the book has gotten some great reviews.  Here’s one from a retired Chairman of a former Fortune 100 company – writing from New Hampshire.

He said, “An interesting, easy to follow guide for those beginning or wondering how to get started in the stock market. Well written, with good examples, down-to-earth language, and a wry sense of humor.”

And another from a concerned Mother in St. Louis who read it and said, “… Now if I can just get my two sons to read it.”  Or a Father of six in New Jersey who just bought six copies, one for each child (hmmm… maybe those two should talk).

And I could go on and on… like how the book just talks about the stock market in terms you already understand.

Or how readers appreciate the humor while they gain valuable insights.  Hey, there’s no points off for having a quiet chuckle or two while you learn this, right?

Or how it shows you where to find winning stock recommendations (I’ve used this for years) without doing any complicated research.

Or how the book is priced ridiculously cheap, barely above cost, for the next 14 days.  I mean, the Kindle version is only 99 cents, for gosh sake!

By the way, I’ve not made the introductory price this cheap due to some particularly public-spirited zeal.

I just want to help you get started before I raise the price.  And frankly, at this price I’ll get more good Amazon publishing reviews.

And also, because I have another book coming out soon.  So I know that if Stock Investing For Beginners helps you get started (and I really think it will), you just might buy my next stock investing book in the future entitled Your Future Paychecks And Raises: Get Dividend Checks In Your Mailbox Paid To The Order of YOU!

Whew, that’s a mouthful.  But anyway, you can kind of see why I’m being such a nice guy on price for now, right? Because it helps both of us. And because we need to get you started on your financial future.

So let’s get going on this financial future thing.  You can check out the book and browse though it for free, right here at Stock Investing For Beginners.  Go ahead.  It will just take you a minute to do so.

And if it looks like something that will help you, and you can scrape up the .99 cents to buy it, do that too.

Just don’t let that nagging feeling keep bouncing around in the back of your head.  The one about how you need to start investing for your future.  Just take this opportunity now – before the price goes up.

You can browse through the book here.  Go ahead.  Just do it.  It’s  a simple step you can take right now.

But an important step toward your financial future.

Just click here for Stock Investing For Beginners.

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