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Get Paid In Retirement

You’ve probably thought about retiring sometime in the future. And perhaps you’ve been saving and investing toward that goal — that time when you no longer go to work every day. But if you’re like many people you only have a vague idea about how all of that works. Sure, you’ve seen all the complicated [...]


Orlando Coin Exchange – Best Coin Dealer Ever

As a follow-up to our series on investing in silver, may I make a suggestion? And that is to get to know your local coin dealer.  It’s a smart move, and I think you’ll find the experience rewarding and enjoyable. I visit Orlando Coin Exchange just about every Saturday.  And Jason, Jerry and Harry are always [...]


Why Many Bond Holders Are Going To Lose Money

Many people have run for the “perceived” security of owning bonds since the stock market crash in 2008.  But bonds aren’t quite as safe as the general perception out there. Here’s why. Let’s look at two bonds and you tell me how much you would pay for them.  First, there’s Bond-A.  Let’s say you paid [...]