Paychecks and Raises For Your Retirement

You’ve probably thought about retiring some day in the future. After all, most people do.

And perhaps you’ve even been saving and investing in some sort of way for this eventual day – that day when you no longer go to work every day.

But if you’re like most people you have kind of a vague idea of how that all works.  You know you need to save and invest some money so it grows – and that somehow that is going to turn into something that will allow you to quit work.  Well, the quitting work is easy, but lets add the other caveat of being able to pay your bills.

How are you going to do that?  How is that really going to work?

This book is going to show you one very clear approach to making that happen.  And by the time you are done reading it, you will know exactly how all that can work.

Unlike all of the other retirement books and articles out there that you may have read, we aren’t going to go into complicated tables and questionaires about your expected expenses, or formulas on what your future cost of living is going to be and all the other nebulous projections all retirement books talk about.

Sure, some of these have their place in retirement planning.

But I like to be able to totally visualize something.  In concrete terms.  In ways I already understand.

Like paychecks and raises.  Because I totally get that concept.  I bet you do to.  So, very specifically, we’re going to talk about how you are still going to get paychecks and raises — after you quit working.

That’s the real trick, isn’t it?

We’re are going to put a laser-like focus on just those two things.

Because all the other points about cost of living and inflation are moot until we understand how we’re going to get paid, and how much, and if we’re going to get a raise, and how much.

Just like we think today as workers.

So let’s get a clear eyed view of how you can eventually retire, how you are going to get those paychecks and raises, and what you need to do to make that happen.

Let’s start on solid ground by talking about the paychecks you work for today.

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