Stocks, Stop Losses And A Cat Named Klingy

When I was a boy, my neighbors had a little black kitten they kiddingly named Klingy.  He was a feisty, cool little cat and I used to enjoy walking next door and playing with him.

One morning I went to see him and my neighbor Warren told me Klingy was no longer with us.  Klingy had been snoozing in the sun on the front car tire when Warren backed the car out into the street.

Apparently, sensing the tire he was sitting on was rolling back and moving down, Klingy had dug his claws in and hung on tight instead of jumping off to safety.

The next time you are tempted to not sell a stock that has dropped below your stop loss limit, I want you to remember Klingy.

Because hanging onto a tire rolling down (or a stock) can be hazardous to your (financial) health.

To your health and prosperity – John

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