Start Investing For One Thin Dime

A Mercury dime with 90% silver content

Here’s a simple, fun and cheap way to start investing.  And while there are no guarantees, there are many indications this investment could go up 100%, 200% or more over the next few years.

I’m talking about dimes.  But they have to have been minted before 1965.  They contain 90% silver.  And silver, as I write this post, is going for about $33 an ounce.  And there are reasonable predictions that it could go to $50 to $100 dollars an ounce in the next few years.  It has gone from $17 an ounce to $33 in the past eighteen months.

It is very unlikely that you will ever find any of these in your pocket change.  That’s because when the United States stopped making the dimes out of silver in 1965, smart people started pulling them out of circulation.

So if you aren’t going to find them, why the heck am I recommending them?

Because they are easy to find and buy.

All you have to do is look up your local coin dealer.  He will have them and will sell them to you.  But not for 10 cents, of course.  Because they are far more valuable than that.

How much?  Well I pay my coin dealer $3 for a pre-1965 dime.  I have heard of prices a bit lower and higher.  But it is worth the premium because they are often sold in $1000 face value bags.  That means there are 10,000 dimes or 40000 quarters or 2000 half dollars – or a mix.  That’s 715 ounces of silver.

Hmmm … at 33 an ounce, that would be $23,595.  So you don’t have that kind of loose change hanging around.  Me neither.  Even the fourth bags which some dealers sell would be $5899.  By the way, these bags are called junk silver.  I don’t see anything junk about them, do you?

Still way too much.

But my coin dealer sells them individually.  He actually has a box full of loose dimes and I can pick the ones I want.  And they are three dollars each.

This is a great way to start a long term investment.  You don’t need a stockbroker account or anything complicated.

You can just take three dollars cash to your local coin dealer.  And buy your first silver investment.

Now how easy is that?

To your health and prosperity – John

P.S.  Did you know the word dime comes from the old French word “disme”, which meant tithe or tenth part.  Let’s see, ten dimes to a dollar, so a dime is a tenth part of a dollar.  By George, I think we got it.

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