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Rock star

Using quality financial newsletter recommendations can greatly enhance your investment success in the stock market.  Here are some of the newsletters I‘ve used off and on through the years.  In my opinion, these guys are some of the rock stars of the financial newsletter business.

I’m sure there are many other good ones, but it would be impossible to research them all.  Of course, you will have to decide which recommendations work well for you and your specific circumstances.  But these have worked well for me, so I’ll share them with you, along with some of my comments.

Extreme Value.  This is a monthly investment research service written by Dan Ferris, one of the best financial analysts in the country.  I really like Dan and his newsletter.  He has a real straight-talking style and his recommendations seem well thought out and researched.

He focuses on value investing – recommending stocks of quality companies trading at big discounts to their true value.

When you buy quality stocks at a big discount you greatly increase your odds of success.  This in turn lowers your risk of loss because the stock was already down when you bought it.  Here’s a short excerpt and pretty impressive statistic from their marketing material.

“Not only are Extreme Value stocks profitable, they are also the safest you can own. The strategy Dan uses has been proven to beat the overall market in a 27-year study by two University of Chicago professors (one of whom was nominated for a Nobel Prize). “

“Extreme Value stocks are founded on the classic value investing ideas of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. Simply put: The method Dan uses to pick stocks is time-tested. And historically, these are the safest and best-performing stocks of all.“

You can’t go far wrong following Dan and his newsletter, if you ask me.

The S&A Resource Report. I find this to be an exciting monthly newsletter written by Matt Badiali.  It’s about natural resource investments such as oil, natural gas and precious metals.

Some of my favorite recommendations have been in gold and silver processing, mining and exploration.  They almost make you feel like you are a prospector – but without all the physical labor.

More importantly, I’ve done well with a number of his recommendations in gold, silver and oil.  Matt recommended ATAC Resources, the small Yukon gold miner I made 1400% on in a matter of weeks.  That should get your attention. 

Matt literally fly’s around the world searching out the best resource investments.   He’s well qualified to do so with more than 15 years of experience as a hydrologist, geologist, and a consultant to the oil industry.

He holds a masters degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in the same field at the University of North Carolina.  But all qualifications aside, it’s the results that he gets that I like.

Here’s what they say about his success and results.
“Matt’s recommendations in the S&A Resource Report have shown subscribers significant gains, including Petrobras (165%), Stone Energy (93%), Veritas (77%), and recently Parker Drilling (77%). “

“Here at Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, we believe the global economy is still in the grip of a long-term bull market for oil, precious metals, and other natural resources the likes of which the world has never seen. Demand is going through the roof, and one of the best places investors can have their money over the next few years is in oil, energy, and mining investments.“

Penny Stock Specialist.   Penny stocks are small company stocks usually under $10 a share.  Some of these companies may be the giants of tomorrow and you can hitch a real rocket ride if you get the right one.  But you have to pick based on serious research because there can be a lot of flim-flam to get through in the penny stock world.

Penny Stock Specialist solves that for you as one of the world’s top penny stock advisories.  Editor Frank Curzio is one of America’s most recognized experts in this sector.

Also, most stocks in this sector are totally unknown to Wall Street and Main Street alike, which can give you and me a tremendous advantage in the market — with Frank’s help, that is.
Frank is a well-connected stock insider who has presented his research on national television – on programs like CNBC’s The Kudlow Report, CNBC’s The Call, CNN Radio, and Fox Business News.

Here’s what they say about Frank.
“The newsletter is published every two weeks, and provides recommendations readers can expect to hold for 2-12 months. Using a handful of unique methodologies, Frank has compiled one of the best track records in the industry over the past three years, with over 90% of his picks turning a profit, including four stocks that gained over 125%.”

What’s not to like about that?  I’ve invested in a number of penny stocks and think they are well worth looking at as part of your investment portfolio.

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.  Written by Porter Stansberry, I really like the overall balance and in-depth research and rationale he uses in his Investment Advisory every month.  Porter believes most people take too much risk with their money and recommends they put the majority of their money into his “No Risk” stocks – and hold on to them for many, many years.

But don’t get the idea his stock picks are yawn-wide boring.  As an aside, and to give you an example, one of them I’ve invested in is a silver processor — Silver Wheaton (SLW).

Can you guess what they do?  Well, gold companies often have left over ore that contains silver.  They don’t want to mess with it.  So Silver Wheaton offers to take it off their hands for them and extracts the silver.  They give a portion of the silver back to the gold company and keep the rest.  What a business model — taking that pesky silver ore off those gold miners hands for them.

Nothing boring about that recommendation—rather inspired, actually.  Where have you heard of an investment like that?

Porter’s newsletter comes out monthly and he breaks his stocks out into three investment types.  They are 1) “No Risk” stocks that represent ultra-safe, long-term investments 2) “Next Boom” recommendations that feature undervalued stocks poised for growth, and 3) “Forever” stocks that are cheap blue-chips which will provide excellent returns… forever.

Here’s what they say about Porters results.

“Porter has shown his subscribers some spectacular gains in the past few years, such as 133% on Intuitive Surgical, 233% on Celgene, 215% on ID Biomedical, and 206% on Elan.”

Porter also writes many articles about world events that shape the market and you will learn from him.  Personally, I read anything he writes.  He’s that good.  So you might want to put him at the top of your newsletter shopping list.

Which leads to—the newsletter shopping list.  I’ve used many more newsletters than I’ve listed above, but it would take too long to describe them all.  So I’ve provided a link to their entire product line.

I have always been satisfied with their products.  And I’ve even met some of the writers in person in Delray Beach, Florida.

So you might want to look into their subscriptions.  Because well researched stock picks from quality newsletters like these are a MAJOR factor in your investment success.  You can check them out here at

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