How You Buy Stocks At A Discount

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When it comes to stock investing, when you buy and how much you pay is critical. Indeed, the success of your trade most often hinges on these critical points. That is to say you win or lose at this early stage in the game.

Successful investors like the legendary Warren Buffett are quite aware of this fact. And they use methods to buy their stocks at a discount.

On the other hand, the average investor seems to pay little attention to this. And so they always seem to overpay and buy at the wrong time. So this is an important difference to learn from.

Buying stocks at a discount lowers your risk and greatly improves your odds for profit. This is why the successful investors pay so much attention to it. So since buying stocks at a discount is so critical to your success, the buying differences between the successful investor and the average investor are important to learn from.

We will explore these differences in a series of posts about buying stocks at a discount. And we will look at two methods to do so. One method is technically easy, but requires patience and discipline. It’s like setting a trap to spring at the right time. The other is more advanced. It’s more like Tom Sawyer getting people to pay him to whitewash the fence.

I use both methods. And I use one or the other every time when I buy stocks. This has allowed me to buy some stocks at discounts ranging from 3% to 80%. And what is so surprising is that I usually feel I could have got them cheaper still. In other words, I often think I should have gone for even a greater discount.

By the end of this four part series you too will know how to buy stocks at a discount.

So you will want to be sure and follow the next four posts. They are …

Buy Stocks At A Discount

  1. The Cool Mindset
  2. The Bus Stop Mindset
  3. Setting A Trap
  4. The Tom Sawyer Whitewash

To your health and prosperity – John

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