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As a follow-up to our series on investing in silver, may I make a suggestion?

And that is to get to know your local coin dealer.  It’s a smart move, and I think you’ll find the experience rewarding and enjoyable.

I visit Coins and Currency of Orlando just about every Saturday.  And Gino, Bob and Nick are always ready to help with any questions I might have about silver, gold and coins in general.  They’re also a congenial lot, and not without a sense of humor.

But don’t let that fool you.  They’re serious about the coin business and really know their stuff.

Here’s the thing.  If you know your local coin dealer, it’s simple to go buy a silver round or two.  You can do this on a whim.  And the key point is that you are more likely to actually do it from time to time.  Because it’s simple.

Which is a good feature with an investment – that “actually doing it” thing.

My coin dealer is right on the route I take to do all of my Saturday duties.  You know, like groceries, picking up shirts at the cleaners, fun things like that.  So they are the bright spot in my Saturday morning list of chores.

The other thing I like about them is they sell loose pre-1965 silver dimes, as well as the other denominations of junk silver.  So instead of having to invest thousands of dollars in junk silver bags of coins, you can do this a little bit at a time.

Like the silver dimes, for instance, which you can pick up for about $3 each.  Just about anyone can spare $3 from time to time.  That makes this silver investment very doable – meaning, you are more likely to do it.

Which reminds me of a joke about a priest named Father Paul, who prayed daily that he would win the lottery?  One day, in the middle of his prayer, a loud, deep voice boomed out of the sky and said, “Father Paul, I hear your prayers.  But it would really help if you would actually buy a lottery ticket.”

So don’t be like Father Paul, hoping, wishing and praying.

Just do it.

It’s pretty simple to find your local coin dealer.  Just go to Google and type in “Coin Dealers your city.”  For example, I typed in “Coin Dealers Orlando” when I was looking.

Then pick one nearest to where you live, or work, and give them a call.  If you are investing in silver as I recommend, call them up and ask if they a) sell one ounce silver rounds and b) do they sell loose pre-1965 silver dimes.

A yes to both questions is a good sign.  You just found your local coin dealer.  Now go pay them a visit.  You’ll find the experience fun and rewarding.  And over time, you could make money with your investments.

And if you’re in the Orlando area, go visit Gino, Bob and Nick at Coins and Currency of Orlando.  And tell them John sent you.

To your health and prosperity – John

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