Get A Clue From Insider Buying

Here’s a stock buying tip for you.

Find out if there is any insider buying going on when you are thinking about buying a stock.

Many forms of insider buying are completely legal and this is another investment clue. You can improve your odds of successful investing by knowing when it’s happening.

Insiders sell and buy shares of their company all of the time.

Now there are many reasons why insiders might sell, i.e. they think the stock might go down, or they have a child’s college tuition coming due or they just need the cash.

But there’s only one reason why insiders buy stock in their company. And that’s because they see that the company prospects are good and the stock may be going up in the future.

So if you see a high level executive in a company suddenly buy 100,000 shares of the company’s stock, that’s telling you something.

Insider buying is a matter of public record and is very easy to research.  One place you can look is in Yahoo Finance.  Just go to, click the Finance option, pick the stock you are interested in and click the insider buying tab.

You’ll see some VERY interesting information.

Of course, even with inside clues like this, there are no guarantees in life, and especially in the stock market. But doing this kind of research in advance greatly increases your odds of success over time.

So get a clue from insider buying.

To your health and prosperity – John Roberts

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